How does it work?
You will be provided with a dedicated email address that you send your messages to that you want spam score tested. We then test the message against a mulitude of spam rules that can cause your message to be blocked, build a report and send that report back to you via email.

Why do you zip and attach my email to the report?
By including your original email with the report it's crystal clear for which email the report was generated. We need to ensure our report being sent to you is not blocked by spam filters, by zipping your original email we ensure the content of your email will not have our report blocked en route to you.

Will my messages sent to you be blocked by your spam filter?
No, because we turned them off :) If you wish to contact us you need to use our helpdesk.

How long does it take for a report to arrive?
We process your spam score request as soon as it arrives and we respond usually within one to two minutes. If your message doesn't arrive within that timeframe it's possible your email provider is a bit slow and it may take a bit longer for your message to arrive. If your message hasn't arrived within 5 minutes please check your spam folder as some spam systems will automatically put all unknown incoming email that is not whitelisted into their spam folder. To avoid this happening please whitelist all incoming email from

What email address are the spam score reports sent to?
The spam score reports will be sent to the 'from' address of the message received. That address must already be configured by you in your account settings.

How does CC & BCC work?
Budget, Business & Unlimited package subscribers can send their email to using the CC or BCC email fields. This means you can send your messages as usual (using the 'TO' email field) but also at the same time have their spam score checked by also including the dedicated email address in the CC or BCC fields.

How can I have the reports sent to a different email address?
Members of the 'Unlimited' package can opt to include a 'replyto' header in their messages. When the 'replyto' header is present for 'unlimited' subscribers the spam score reports will be sent that email address.

How long does it take to have my account set up?
Accounts are instantly activated as soon as the order is completed. There may be an occasional delay of a few minutes if PayPal (our payment processor) is a bit slow to notify us of the new subscription.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?
Upgrading or downgrading your subscription is as easy as cancelling your existing subscription from inside your PayPal account and then ordering the new subscription level needed.

How can I contact you for support?
We have a centralised helpdesk that we use for all our products and services. You can open a support ticket there at any time and we usually response pretty quicky. Click here to open a new support ticket.

What about refunds and cancellations?
You can cancel your subscription at any time and your account will remain active until the end of the paid term. For example, if you paid monthly and then cancelled, your account remains active until the end of the paid month and is not charged again. We do not offer refunds as you can test our service for free on the homepage before making a purchase.

How do I sign up and get started?
Please visit the order page, choose a package and then follow the instructions to make payment using PayPal. Your subscription will be created automatically and you will be emailed your login information and additional information for getting started.


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